This form must be completed in full and submitted with appropriate supporting evidence. If no evidence is attached, processing may be delayed. 

Please refer to the Course Attendance policy for more information:

Upon processing you will receive copies, via email, of all documents for your records.

Trade stream and intake e.g. Mech 1-21, Dip 1-21
First day of absence.
Last day of absence.

You will be unable to submit this form if there are any incomplete fields. Please ensure ALL fields are filled in correctly.

Please advise in the comments section if absent for a part-day only. 

Note: Your form may not be processed if you have not attached evidence. Please see Student Services if you have any questions. IMPORTANT: If you have been absent due to having COVID-19 related symptoms, Aviation Australia may require you to provide a Negative test result before returning to training.


Please do not provide a photo of a Rapid Antigen Test as evidence you have tested positive for COVID-19. If you have tested positive, please self-report via the appropriate state or territory authority and provide the confirmation letter to support your circumstances. Alternatively, you can supply the results of a PCR test. 

If a medical professional has deemed you unfit to attend training you should not attend classes for the period outlined on your medical certificate. 

Short answer only. Provide details in comments box below.
Please provide some details regarding your absence, particularly if your reason for absence was "other".
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